Jessamine Amateur Wireless Society
P.O.Box 273
  Our club call, K4HH,
is in memory of
Herbert H “Pete” Royse, Jr

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Pete Royse Jr - K4HH SK

Known to his friends as "Pete", he got on the air 12/21/71 as WN4YFG.
Licensed as a general class in 1973,then amateur extra class 3/11/06,
He credited his interest in ham radio to Bill, K4CIA; Frank, W4VKR, John WB4WBP
and Cres WB4SXM (both silent keys), Egon, KA4GGF (silent key) and Pete, WZ5PM
who sold him his ICOM 756 PRO and served as his ELMER.

Before his passing he had finally put (most of) his beloved Heathkit Equipment in the closet.

Born and reared in Jessamine Co., Kentucky, Pete spent 42 years in the local school sytem as teacher, coach. financial officer and superintendent.
In retirement he mixed amateur radioing with golf and time on the lake enjoying his pontoon boat.
He enjoyed bass fishing and just pleasure riding.

Most of all, he enjoyed doing all these things with his grandson, Ben.

He enjoyed DXing but was not into contesting or awards.
He also enjoyed a couple of phone nets to keep in touch with friends made on the airwaves,
and CW occasionally to avoid getting too rusty.

His antenna systems included a SteppIR Tribander, a SuperLoop 80,
a B&W broadband folded dipole, a 40 meter double bazooka and a G5RV.

He often commented on the wonderful advances in equipment, but expressed his concern about the decline of good manners and clean language, and just plain common sense.. afraid that it might cost valuable frequency allocations in the future.

Now a Silent Key, Pete is gone but not forgotten.

His contributions to his community and amateur radio live on in the legacy he left behind,
and we at JAWS hope to extend his legacy and are honored to use his call in his memory;
with the blessings and support of his wife and sons, who will forever be a part of our extended family.



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